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Pet Loss Help

Get Help When Needed

Losing anyone who is important to you is extremely difficult, pets included. Grieving the loss of a pet is just as important as grieving the loss of humans. Do not let anyone tell you that it’s just a pet and make you feel as though you cannot be sad and express grievance.

Many times, pets are considered a part of your family; you care for them and love them just as you would a child. So when they pass, you have every reason to feel sad and overcome with emotion.

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The Grieving Process Should Be Looked At On An Individual Basis.

There are no rules about how you need to grieve or the correct way to do so. For some this process may last a week or so, for others it can be longer, lasting closer to months. No matter how you need to grieve, it is ok.

Often times when individuals grieve, they start with denial as a source of protection for their emotions, until what happens really sets in. Although you may grieve in your own way, you should not have to face a loss all alone. There are many different coping mechanisms you can use such as pet hotlines, counseling services, groups, as well as reading books and articles on the subject.

Children Grieve Too

The loss of your family pet may be just as hard on your child as it is on you. It is important that you do not let your child blame themselves for what has happened and offer a loving embrace when they need it most. Although they may not want to come to you, it is always suggested that you make it known that they can.

Children grieve as individuals, just as adults do; so give them their space and let them cope however they choose. Reassure your child that sadness is ok and help them work through whatever they may be feeling whether it is depression, anger, or sadness.

Remembering Your Pet

Although your pet is no longer with you, their memory lasts forever. You can hold a memorial service for them as well as find a special place to scatter their ashes. Creating a memorial or making a scrapbook of all your memories you shared is another great way to ensure that they are close to your heart forever.